Help - laser always on

Hi! Im using a Ender3 with a laser module to laser engrave.
Configuring the machine profile went ok.
Before this i started testing and discovered that the Gcode output sends M106 S0.0
I dont want the laser module to turn on and off. This is to prevent power on delay voids in the engrave.
In the machine settings, Minimum PWM output is set to 1 (this is sufficient to power on the laser).
So… i don’t know why my output gcode says “Beam range : 0 to 255” and creates those S.0 lines.
I hope someone can give me a hand, thank you!

What controller and firmware are you using? (M106 sounds like Marlin)

Marlin, of course.

Marlin is not optimal for laser engraving, because it doesn’t have adaptive PWM adjustment for accelleration/decelleration, which makes darker corners.
For raster engraving, you can workaround this by adding overscan (white space at left/right).

M106 S0.0 means laser on with zero power (PWM 0%). You should add that in the gcode start command. Leave the tool on and tool off commands empty and set M107 S0 to the gcode end command.

PWM MIN S VALUE should be 0 and PWM MAX S VALUE should be the max value your firmware needs for 100%.

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Thank you I’ll try this and tell you the results.