Help in "pins.h" tab in Marlin.

(Andrew Radovich (BadWolfProps)) #1

Help in “pins.h” tab in Marlin. I got my new board up and running, printing great, but I can’t figure out how to power up the accessory pins on my azteeg x3 pro. Pins HE5 and HE6 show no voltage when I test them. I want to power a fan and lights with these pins. I have gone into pins.h and located the code that defines them but have no idea what to do next. Help!

(Thomas Sanladerer) #2

Comment out the lines where heater 5 and 6 are defined for your board by adding a // to the beginning of the line (around line 623). You can then control the pins with M42 P(pin number here) S(duty cycle from 0 to 255)., so for example M42 P6 S255.

(Andrew Radovich (BadWolfProps)) #3

What is the correlation between “power level number” and voltage?
Thanks BTW!

(Thomas Sanladerer) #4

@Andrew_Radovich_BadW none of the outputs actually produce an analog voltage, but instead use PWM ( ). Loosely speaking, 0 is no power with an output of 0V and 255 is full power, so whatever voltage you’re running your board at. This means that it is not safe to hook up for example 5V rated electronics by setting the duty cycle (power level) to 106, but only intended for “dimming” loads that would run fine at the full voltage. Some outputs might also not support PWM, but instead only output zero or the full voltage.

(Andrew Radovich (BadWolfProps)) #5

Gotcha. So the 12v board should output a steady 12v with a pwr lvl of 255? Just making sure I fully understand. Thanks again

(Carlton Dodd) #6

@Andrew_Radovich_BadW Correct.
But, if you want to control the speed of the fan, or the perceived brightness of LEDs, just vary the 0-255 “power level” (actually: duty cycle).

(Andrew Radovich (BadWolfProps)) #7

I’ll play around with it tomorrow, today is my 8 year wedding anniversary so I’ll try and leave the printed alone. Lol. If I add the code to marlin directly, where do I put it and how would it read? (I like having it in a saved firmware file so I can easily switch from PC to laptop)

(Carlton Dodd) #8

@Andrew_Radovich_BadW Just as @Thomas_Sanladerer wrote: comment out the heater 5 and 6 lines, compile and reflash the firmware to your board, then control as you wish by sending M42 commands from your control software.

(Jeremiah Garrette) #9

@Thomas_Sanladerer cool

(Andrew Radovich (BadWolfProps)) #10

@Thomas_Sanladerer Thanks again! Did exactly as you said and worked perfectly. Big thanks to Colton too.

(Jeremiah Garrette) #11