Help in launching BBB

Hello, I have BBBlack pcb rev B6 and replicape rev B3. I would like to ask for help step by step, because I want to change the electronics in my printer to BBB.

Hi @FoxSkullsPL,

Sorry for not responding sooner - I just got back from the end of year holidays.
Have you walked through the guides on the Wiki?
The general one to help migrate from a Marlin-based board to Replicape with Redeem is here.

However at the moment we’re exploring how to instead use Klipper instead of Redeem as a firmware. The wiki documentation isn’t updated for that yet.

So you can also join the Thing-Printer Slack to get help via chat, as well as read up on the Klipper documentation here:
Make sure you read the Replicape specific things as well.