Help I have problems with my 3d models i've made.

Help I have problems with my 3d models i’ve made. I use sketchup and export to stl file using cadspan plugin. But when I view it in slic3r the model is tiny. Any idea what causes this?

RepRap software expects millimeter units. Check if you have sketchup and the export plug in set to that, otherwise you’ll have to scale each of your models by 25.4.

Some slicers like ReplicatorG have the inch <-> mm scaling factor built in so could be a faster way around it also.

it is soo good

Yeah I’ve been using inches as my units. I changed my template to use mm now but the same error occurs. I will have to do some fact finding to see what the Cadspan plugin uses as a default unit of measure for the stl exports. thanks for the help!

great news I got it to work. I installed a different stl exporter plugin and it had the option of choosing mm as the units. here’s a link if anyone else runs into this problem: