[HELP] I have had a problem in my last impressions.


I have had a problem in my last impressions.

I have Sanguinololu 1.3b with Marlin. I slice with Slic3r 0.9.9 and print with Pronterface. It was printing perfectly until yesterday.

It starts printing, after a couple of minutes or so it homes x and y axes and stops. After that I need to reset the board if I want to take control of the printer with Pronterface. The be temperature does not stop rising and in fact I get an error from Marlin saying that security temperature has been reached.

Any clue about what it might be happening?


Did you change your firmware settings recently ? (Manually)
It could be that (accidentally botchep up Marlin , had similar results) or some short circuit somewhere in the bed to psu or bed sensors ( custom heated bed ?)

that’s the weird part. I have changed nothing. Bed is MK2. It was working properly up to now. Temperature is sensed correctly… it seems the PID for controlling the temp. is not working. Because temp grows and it is well measured by the thermistor.

This morning I left it printing and it seemed ok. If when I go back home it is still working it means that a full night without rinting fixes de problem… but why? I have a technical curiosity to understand why reseting and disconnecting for a couple of minutes does not have the same effect than disconnecting a full night.