Help! I accidentally unscrewed my ball screw and I have no Idea how to

Help! I accidentally unscrewed my ball screw and I have no Idea how to put it back together!

Ok, Thanks!

Oh yeah, getting your balls back in place is an absolute pain. Better get a replacement and tick it off as a lesson learned.

I’ve almost done the same, a few balls came out. I managed to get them all back in but the screw woudldn’t run smoothly after that every now and then, so, yes, get a new one :wink:

I was never able to put mine back together when I did this

A q-tip with vaseline to pick up the balls. The vaseline will hold them in the races so you can thread the screw back into the nut. Tedious, for sure, but far from impossible. I’ve had to repack a ballnut on my mill numerous times. Good luck!

This thing is usefull for thosewho wants to turn a ball screw:

+1 for the vaseline/grease method. get them to stick to the rod and pop the outer piece back on slowly.

Ok, Thanks for all the replies! I will give it a try but I may have lost a ball… I heard something fall and can’t find it. :frowning:

Any know where I can buy said ballnut? +Peter van der Walt you said I can find one for $8?


Just spent a while finding out how it worked, then assembled. Youtube didn’t​ help

Ballnuts a majestical

Oh God. Balls… Balls Everywhere​…

@Ashley_Webster It wasn’t feeling right so I took it apart again, spilled them everywhere. I think I’m​ just gonna give up for now. Spent 4 hrs, reassembled about 6 times, it felt pretty sticky every time, I may have lost a ball.