Help finding source of ghosting problem

Hi there,

So, been working on my Eustathios, its technically a Eustathios 1 / 2 hybrid. For 5 years I have fought problem after problem until now where I have 1 problem remaining, extreme ghosting - See pics:

So it seems to be a lot worse on the X axis than the Y and for the life of me cant find the source of the problem.

I have done the following:

  • So each rail moves freely without belts.
  • When all the belts are on the carriage moves easily.
  • Recently replaced all belts for higher quality ones.
  • Adjusted the 4 corners bearing holder placements repeatedly
  • Run burn in code for 3 days
  • Tightened belts
  • Loosened belts
  • Raised acceleration
  • Reduced acceleration

Can anyone suggest anything? I plan to sand down my stainless steel rods in a few days as a last resort, but wanted to see if I’m missing anything. I am currently using self aligning bronze bushings.

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Two things you could try that maybe would help. First thing is swap the X and Y motors with a powered off course. And see if you can get it to follow the motor or driver. Second thing would be lower the acceleration to something ridiculously low like 300 or 500 and see if it goes away. I haven’t run into those sort of problems myself in a long time and most of it was tied to alignment and bushing stick/slip especially when the bushings were brand new and tight. I know one person back in the Google+ days had a pulley that was slightly eccentric which was causing an issue. I think he switched to proper misumi pulleys instead of the cheap Chinese ones on the sides which helped.

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Hi Eric,

Thanks for replying! I hadn’t considered the pulleys being at fault, that’s certainly a possibility. The bushings are quite old and i would have though worn in by now. I should note I haven’t had this ghosting issue the entire time, only recently since resolving my bed levelling issues. I will give what you suggested a go though.

Thanks for the help.

I’m sure you’ve played with them, but what speeds are you running?