* Help connecting CNC with Marlin software * Hello,

  • Help connecting CNC with Marlin software *


I just finished to build my own R-CNC machine, if you are not familiar with it more info can be found here:

The machine uses Arduino Mega + Ramps 1.4 to control the stepper motors with Marlin software.

I’m trying to test Chilipeppr to see if it can work with my R-CNC. I’m currently using this machine with MKS Gen V1.4 board running Marlin.
I downloaded Serial Port JSON Server from Github for Windows 10 x64 PC, opened the executable file, and found the USB port
of my machine connected to the MKS Gen board.

I opened Chilipeppr.com/tingyG, from the drop down menus on the bottom right side I chose Marlin as the OS and the correct baud rate of the machine.

I was able to connect (I heared a ‘clicking’ sound from my motors once connected), however I’m not able to control any of the axis of the machine, there’s no response at all.

Am I missing any step to make the machine to move, or it is just that Chilipeppr won’t work with MKS Gen or Arduino Mega + Ramps 1.4?

Will appreciate any kind of help,

Well, I don’t think the marlin driver in Serial Port JSON Server ever got finished, or it was done for a specific version of Marlin’s buffer management signals. You could try to connect with a default buffer to see what happens. The buffer in SPJS is fairly important as it watches for the specific buffer release signals from the specific firmware so that it doesn’t send too much data to the serial port too fast and overwhelm it, but that’s balanced by SPJS also sending as fast as it can so Gcode can be processed quickly. TinyG, for example, sends back JSON {sr:} responses to say the buffer is processed. Grbl sends back an “OK” command to say a command got processed. I don’t recall what Marlin does.