Hellooooo! Really getting somewhere with my p3steel! Have had lots of successful prints,

(George Duller) #1


Really getting somewhere with my p3steel! Have had lots of successful prints, and printed extra parts for my printer. Can someone help me with the quality/resolution? If you look at the pictures you can clearly see the layers (lines) on the surface. I have a feeling it’s over extruding. I have only played around with slic3r settings so far. How can I improve the finish of my prints, I.e try get rid of the very visible lines. Thanks, George.

(Alan Thomason) #2

You are obviously printing a parts fan - if you haven’t done so already, install it and print it again using the fan (assuming you’re printing in PLA).

(Michael Scholtz) #3

Also thinking that fan seems like it was done for a reason. So fit it so it blows below not onto your hot end or you won’t understand why your printer takes 20 minutes to warm up. And then use cura slic3r is nice and the new version is good. But cura just works, and nothing stops you from using both.

(Alan Thomason) #4

I’ve used both slicers and they will work pretty much equally for a part like this. Sorry, I’m on my phone and I didn’t zoom in on the pics. Check your slicer settings for nozzle diameter, fill percentages, and flow rate. You could also check how much “squish” you are getting on your first layer - those lines don’t look very flattened, you may need to adjust Z to be a little closer to the bed to start.

(Marty G) #5

what size nozzle are you using? change the resolution in slic3r, change your layer height to 0.2 or 0.3, will take longer but will make for a nice clean print…

(Ralph Schaffner) #6

Be wary of people who tell you to change your toolchain when you ask them for tuning suggestion.

@Alan_Thomason ​ is right. It looks like your printer isn’t calibrated. Check everything he said and also the layer height settings. The extruded plastic should appear more “squished”. It looks like you layer height is close to the diameter of the plastic you are extruding.

Also, there appear to be blobs visible in the first photo. You may be running your extruder too hot for the plastic you are extruding or you are over extruding.

(Aria C Bramanta) #7

I got the same with my printer, however I noticed that heat up and downs affect the result (oozing when it’s hotter, some trash when it’s too cold like a filament jam) and when the end pipe get’s too hot, filament jams (in retraction)