Hello would some one beable to help me make a stp ?

Hello would some one beable to help me make a stp ? is it a stp file a 3d printing model file of a 1/10 scale jerry can ? it is for my rc crawler hobby i have got in to after stoping smokes

I know a guy that has a 3d printer and he said i could give it a go just need the file can someone help me ?

i found a web site that had some but they looked a bit naff i can’t find it now looking ok SKP file for the printer i can’t find the free site with the cans um could some help i have brain damage and find it hard to do stuff like this please help


hello @Samuel_Denny
I like seeing this request. It shows how this maker thing is spreading. I am going to see if I can point you in the right direction.

Your buddy likely wants .stl file? It is the most universal format for the printing world. (you will want to confirm what file format he needs)
Half the challenge you are requesting is modeling the can if a person does not have one in their library.

I think the free site you are talking about is http://www.thingiverse.com
I looked and there is not a “fuel can” or “jerry can” available for download.

Here is what I suggest you do… Head to TurboSquid.com find a model in the price you are looking. There are some free ones on there but not quite like the drawing you requested. If you fine one to purchase, feel free to ask here for what format to get.

Then once you dig up a model you like, I can convert the file for you.

Or maybe someone out here is willing to model it for you?

That’s a complicated drawing: it’d take a couple of hours to model well.

do you want the text on it ? or just the can ?

Hello @camusat_emmanuel just a jerry can i found that picture for the size

Thanks @John_Bump

Thanks @Chris_Vestal i have sent the guy with the 3d printer a measage asking what file i need

@camusat_emmanuel this is what i want i am finding out what for matt it needs to be but this is what i want i just found this site

I will look into it, and give it a try, no promises, just a try.

Thank you @camusat_emmanuel the file format is .stl if you look at that link i gave http://www.3dcadbrowser.com/download.aspx?3dmodel=10282 that is it i just need it at the right scale but thank you for giving it a go my email is shining_one_2002@yahoo.com

Dam that one cost money i shall keep looking

@camusat_emmanuel Well i have been looking for hours with no luck of finding a free model and can’t find the site i did see some basic models i have downloaded goggle sketchup but it is hard to sus

what`s with this one ? http://grabcad.com/library/fuel-can-5gal-usgi
should be free

Thank you @Rznag_Rmrod