Hello, When I switch units in chilipeppr the tool moves location in chilipeppr,

Hello, When I switch units in chilipeppr the tool moves location in chilipeppr, like some sort of offset. Everything on the CNC moves correctly. This is a sudden change as of today. Anyone have any advice? I updated to tinyg 442.20, no improvement. Thanks in advanced

I believe you mean you downloaded $fb-442.04?
I’ll suggest that that is not a good idea, 442.04 has been edgy a long time and not used by many, AFAIK. Go back to 440.20.

What did you do to change units - send a G20 or a G21 from Command line? And that made the gantry move (machine), or the 3D viewer move(CP display)?

Its like the tool indicator in Chilipeppr when units are set to mm is moving on screen like I am entering inch commands. So .1mm moves the CNC .1 mm but on screen the indicator moves .1 inch.

I did download 440.20. I changed units with the radio button next to axes.

When I press that radio button I watch the 3D viewer jump across the g code.

So when I tell the gantry to move 1 mm it does but the 3D viewer jumps 1 inch. When I switch units the tool indicator moves on the screen. I tell the ganrty to move it one inch and it does and the 3D viewer moves one inch. Something is not converting right in chilipeppr.

What units does the 3d viewer show? Is your loaded gcode in inches or mm? The 3d viewer can be in a different coordinate system than the axes. Once you play your file the axes jumps to what units your file is set to.

I will try to verify my units tonight. The gcode is in inches. When I hit play the gantry flew across the table at lighting speed and slammed into my part. After that I noticed the 3D view tool icon would jump back and forth across the part when I clicked and unclicked the mm/in radio button. Thank you for the help.

OK for closure. Yeah the onscreen mm vs inches just had me confused. Also, somewhere along the line either in the flashing 440.20 or hitting the wrong button somewhere all the motors mm/rev changed to 40mm/rev when they needed to be set at 60mm/rev.

Thanks for the help. I greatly appreciated it.