Hello what option in S3D do I need to tweak if I want to

Hello what option in S3D do I need to tweak if I want to slow down printing speed while doing smaller island within the same layer? For example, the two frog legs needed much slower printing speed than the body to avoid curling on the legs as it goes up.

Can’t seem to find this option under simplify3D… Perhaps I missed it

You want different speeds within the same layer of the same STL?

Yes. Is there no such option?

If it’s possible, I’m pretty sure you’re going to have to make separate STLs for each region you want at a different speed.

I was just thinking if a tip of a rocket is to be printed at lower speed set by minimum print layer time, won’t the same thing should apply if you have one big model with multiple of those tips in the same layer…

Hmm, good thought, try it. Not sure if it goes by layer or island though.

I think it’s done layer by layer rather than island by island, but that will still do the job?

Perhaps more importantly you need to tick the box that forces S3D to print islands sequentially, as otherwise it’ll do two layers on one of the islands before reversing direction. It’s not smart enough to keep going (say) clockwise – it swings to one end of its arc whilst printing islands, prints two layers on the final island and then reverses direction – so you need to turn that off with prints where plastic isn’t getting enough time to cool.

Yes I think that’s exactly what I’m looking for island by island speed. So small island print slower than big island within the same layer. I’ll look for the print island sequentially option. May not be exactly what I’m looking for but thanks

@Step_Cia I’m afraid it’s still per-layer speed rather than per-island, but if the island isn’t revisited until the plastic has cooled that’ll do the trick anyway?

I hope so… I cringe everytime the head is doing 40mm/s for 2mm diameter circle… It just leaves everything melty… Can’t really lower the whole print speed either as it will then jump to a much bigger island than 2mm diameter… :confused:

I’ll take a look again when I’m by my computer, but doesn’t it have a setting for small areas?

That’s what I thought but couldn’t seem to find it…