Hello! What is the development status of the jpadie workspace?

Hello! What is the development status of the jpadie workspace? Is that the recommended grbl 1 workspace? Has development moved to a different workspace? Thanks!

I haven’t moved it anywhere.

What issues are you facing?

Hi! Thanks for the reply.

Sometimes the gcode widget doesn’t seem to be in sync with the 3d-viewer widget, especially after I’ve loaded a lot files. When I drag and drop a gcode file into the 3d viewer widget the rendering of the toolpaths updates, but the code in the gcode widget doesn’t change. When this happens, the play button doesn’t work to start the job, and sometimes if it does start the job it starts the last job (the one that is listed in the gcode viewer and not the one that is displayed in the 3d viewer).

I had issues this afternoon trying to configure GRBL to report mm. After I sent $13=0 in the serial port console I saw a lot of $13=1 scrolling by in the serial port console and I don’t know where they came from.

A large blue ‘edit in JS Fiddle’ link that I hadn’t noticed before has started to appear at the top of the gcode listing. I don’t know if that’s got anything to do with it.

It seems like there is a memory leak or something, in that every now and then I have to clear the recent files, and also delete my stored cookies, and reload the page to get things to work properly and lately I’ve needed to do that more often. I’m open to the possibility that it’s a problem with my SPJS or my GRBL controller, but thought I’d also check that the jpadie workspace is still the one to use. All insights warmly received, thanks!

The grbl modul tries to conform all the units and so takes control of the $13 settings. It gets its lead from the G setting in the loaded gcode.

Currently the module works best with mm. There are reported issues with inches.