Hello to all, I installed lazerweb4 0996 but coordinates do not change..and the cone on the grid does not move

(elshad abdullaev) #1

here’s a video

from 1.17 minute he moves the axes to the right and down
the coordinates are changing and on the grid the cone moves
I installed lazerweb4 0996,I opened https://laserweb.github.io/LaserWeb4/
all axes move normally,g-code generates and everything works
but the coordinates do not change…and the cone on the grid does not move
what is the problem?
(Claudio Prezzi) #2

I guess you have a GRBL based controller and forgot to set the $10 param. Please check https://laserweb.yurl.ch/documentation/initial-configuration/31-grbl-1-1e/10-configure-grbl-1-1e for details.

(Claudio Prezzi) #3

@ELSHAD The hosted version on https://laserweb.github.io/LaserWeb4 is only for testing the frontend but does not support the machine connection. You should install the exe and start it locally.