Hello there. I have a question.

Hello there. I have a question. Is that lens faulty? Can it cause a problems like breaks in between engraving?

If you can’t clean that spot off - then you need a new one

@greg_greene Yeah it won’t come off. Could it cause breaks when engraving?

@Patryk_Hebel ​​ yes. Is it only on engraving? Do you se that behavior all over the bed?

Yup - it needs replacing

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty Only when engraving. It breaks at some point. :confused:

I suspect the darker area heats up absorbing some energy from the beam - and since you use less power when engraving - it is enough of an absorption to affect the outcome. You still get it when cutting - but likely there is enough strength left over to continue the cut - and cutting is usually at a slower speed.

I’d guess your alignment is off as well, and that causes the transmission point of the lens to move around with the head, and THAT will cause it to cut in and out as the transmission point moves into and out of the bad portion of the lens.

Add a good mirror inspection, cleaning & alignment to the tune-up.
It will be like a new Laser.