Hello, someone can answer to me some questions?


someone can answer to me some questions?

How expensive is the invest for produce ABS for 3Dprinting?
Someone know if, at the moment, is profitable produce this in the market?


Thanks @Jelle_Boomstra seems like is a good choice in actual market of Spain.

I need more research as how find PLA producers here but is good start! Because I can see that PLA is made from corns and I supose that is a complicated process.

You know an expert in this topic?

@Jelle_Boomstra , that’s tantalizing information. Do you know the model numbers for the machines you’re talking about (mini-extruder, cooling, spooling), or their manufacturers?

Future is on nylon. More resistant, cheaper material, more elastic and you do not need heated bed!

@Alberto_Valero_Gomez sure that nylon is more easy for produce filaments, no?

I do not know if it easier to produce, I know raw material is cheaper, printed things are more robust and elastic at the same time… and when wanting to build a larger printer you have the problem to scale the heated bed (because of power needs). With nylon you do not need heated bed. Take a look at http://taulman.com or http://leapto3d.com (in Spain), they already sell nylon, but it is still expensive, should go cheaper (as soon as Chinese people start manfucaturing it), but it would be great to have Spanish produce nylon!!

It’s not that clear cut. PLA has it’s problems. It brittle and sensitive to humidity. Your print quality can change with room temperature and changes in humidity, which is a nightmare to “debug”.