Hello Short question, what kind of Glue do you take for glueing the strips


Short question, what kind of Glue do you take for glueing the strips on a smooth surface? For example some aluminium profile, or something painted?. The standard glue on the back of the strips isn’t durable enought in my case an starts to come off with time…

EDIT: I need to re specify: in case the strips are visible :wink:

Regards Severin

I use a hot glue gun and zig zag over the strip. It is not pretty when it is done, but my strips are never visible.

I use a hot glue gun as well. If that doesn’t work, try some silicon epoxy.

@Michael_Burg ​ thanks but i don’t know silicon epoxy… I know silicon and epoxy but a combination i never heart of it and did not find it by google. Do you have link. Did you test this or are you just think it could work? Because araldit (a glue based on epoxi dit not hold well in my test.)

Hi Severin - sorry I mistyped. Change epoxy to adhesive.

There’s this stuff :

Another idea- some of the 3m spray on adhesives are pretty robust, especially if you treat both surfaces. Part of the problem may be the weak adhesive that’s already on the back of the strip?

Just be careful with solvent based adhesives, they can destroy the LEDs. I normally use a non solvent based silicone adhesive like stixall.

@Jeremy_Spencer Hi and the silicon gets a god “haftbrücke” in german but i would say in english: attachment to the existing adhesive surface? We don’t habe stixall in switzerland (or i don’t know where to buy) but as far i see its just a normal silicon used also in the bathroom.
Any tips how to add without making a big mess? Everytime i work with silicon i end up in a big afterprocedure with removing and so on.