Hello, New to this, can you make this easier to write?

Hello, New to this, can you make this easier to write? Can i group the leds together, if yes how? Thanks.

leds[0] = CRGB::Red;
leds[1] = CRGB::Red;
leds[2] = CRGB::Red;
leds[3] = CRGB::Red;
leds[4] = CRGB::Red;
leds[5] = CRGB::Red;
leds[6] = CRGB::Red;
leds[7] = CRGB::Black;
leds[8] = CRGB::Black;
leds[9] = CRGB::Black;
leds[10] = CRGB::Black;
leds[11] = CRGB::Black;
leds[12] = CRGB::Black;
leds[13] = CRGB::Black;

Could do this, but it’s still a bit lengthy if there are very many:
leds[0] = leds[1] = leds[2] = leds[3] = leds[4] = leds[5] = leds[6] = CRGB::Red;

Using a for loop could be a good option:
for (int i = 7; i < 14; i++) {
leds[i] = CRGB::Black;

Or for this case CRGBSet might work well:

Wow - didn’t know that CRGBSet existed. That’s a cool option.

I would make an array:

@marmil You’ve got a real nice set of examples there for people to try out and learn some functions from. Great job!

Thank you @Andrew_Tuline . You helped inspired me to try to share some useful stuff.

Thanks for the suggestions, I will try them all.

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