Hello, new here.  I have a Shapeoko2 + TinyG.  Sometimes I have issues with

Hello, new here. I have a Shapeoko2 + TinyG. Sometimes I have issues with my TinyG halting in the middle of a job. It does not accept any commands at that point, even if I kill SPJS and connect to the serial port with a terminal program. Fast flashing SpDir LED which indicated a hard error of some sort. No limit switches were hit. In the case of today, I had it run a job for 40 minutes, then after a tool change to cut out the part, it ran a couple lines following the tool change and then the error happens all of a sudden and its stuck. Finally after several tries of rebooting TinyG and re-plugging USB and restarting SPJS, its magically working again. So I’m real confused. Earlier I could even reset TinyG, get control back, but if I typed in a manual coordinate to go to, bam, SpDir flashing again. Ultimately I was unable to maintain my coordinates so my final cutout was misaligned and I have it running all over again right now. Thoughts? Also I sure miss the webcam feature a lot. I can’t see what’s going on in the garage from upstairs. Other than that I sure love ChiliPeppr!

What version? Screenshots?

SPJS is 1.80. I see you just posted a new version today. I could try upgrading SPJS to 1.86 and see if that helps. I have no screen shots at the moment.

Please do try the new spjs

Will do. Also as a side note, would you consider adding manual setting of XYZ values as good feature request? For situations where you know your are at 10,10,5, but you have reset everything and it thinks it is 0,0,0.

I’m not sure what you mean?

Oh sorry. Here’s a scenario: Lets say I was in the middle of a job and had it paused for a tool change. I accidentally bump a limit switch with my hand, causing TinyG to halt and require I press the reset button. Now TinyG thinks the machine is at 0,0,0 instead of wherever it really is. I figure a person could recover from this by simply taking note of the real X,Y,Z coordinates, then manually key them in to tell the system where the machine really is.