Hello, need help Will it work if I connect them in parallel Led-ws2812b

(arpan choudhury) #1

Hello, need help
Will it work if I connect them in parallel

(Andrew Tuline) #2

What do you mean by ‘work’? If you connect them in parallel, those strips will receive identical information and thus look exactly alike.

(allanGEE) #3

If you’re having the LED’s blink in order or similar, there’ll be a pause in the 2-LED strip while the 3-LED strip does whatever with the third LED.

(Leon Yuhanov) #4

If you want both strips to render identicaly,yes it will worm

(Synthetech) #5

I had to put a diode at the data inputs when I paralleled several rings together… Otherwise I got errors from some kind of feedback in the lines…

(arpan choudhury) #6

I am running rainbow effect.There are total 17 leds.My question is both strip will receive identical information or not or there will be a problem

(arpan choudhury) #7

thank you guys for the help :slight_smile: it working

(Synthetech) #8

Did it run OK without putting diodes on the data inputs? Or did you put them on before you even tried?

(allanGEE) #9

I’ve run ten panels off a single signal wire with no need for diodes. Probably because LED = light emitting DIODE??

(Synthetech) #10

Maybe it was just my application had the problem. It’s my understanding that there is a uC between the signal and the LEDs. So those LEDs have no effect on on the signal line

(allanGEE) #11

We’re now officially out of my electronic depth! :slight_smile:

(Kelvin Mead) #12

@Andrew_Tuline i think that you’ve just answered the question i was about to ask…

(Synthetech) #13

A video of my application.

It’s 4 rings all in parallel… I had to put diodes before each rings data line to prevent “crosstalk” that made them stutter horribly.
The application is on a multirotor. The LEDs are driven by the onboard Naze32 ARM Cortex 32bit uC. Wasn’t a FastLED code…

(Chris Bendzel) #14

@Synthetech Those rings look pretty sweet. The motors probably play hell with the data lines tho…

(Stuart Taylor) #15

@Synthetech ​ hmm I think putting the diode in there dropped the signal voltage down low enough that the first chip on each ring could read the data, becuase of all noise on the supply lines coming from the motors and their associated drive.

You’d need a scope to check. But it looks like you’re just dropping the signal to ~4.3v

(Synthetech) #16

Odd thing is, when I hook just one LED ring up, it would work fine while the motors ran. It was when a 2nd or more rings were added that the additional rings would go schitzo… but the one ring would still work OK.

(Stuart Taylor) #17

@Synthetech ​ interesting. I have some rings. I’ll see if i can reproduce. I dont have a drone though :wink: