Hello, Most likely i am overlooking something simple but i can not figure this


Most likely i am overlooking something simple but i can not figure this out.

I have a problem with chillipepper jpadie for grbl1.1. When i import a eagle brd file and generate the gcode the Z-axis movement and feedrate are not defined. Because of this when starting to mill the Z-height stays at 0 mm. Strangely, the spindle does move, but i don’t know if the movement is correct because no traces are milled. The drilling of the holes does seem to work, the Z-height is adjusted.

I am using grbl 1.1f, but have experienced the same issue in grbl 0.9. I got it to work in grbl v0.9 but i do not know what i had done to get it going then. The autoleveler works as expected, rendering the heigt map and gcode, but sending it to the workspace does nothing to help with Z-height and feedrate problems.

It does not make a difference if my milling machine is connected or not (cnc3018 with woodpecker board)

If someone could point me in the right direction that would be awesome.

It feels to me like it’s a setting you don’t have defined in one of the other tabs in the Eagle BRD widget, thus it’s getting NaN.

Hi John,
I have tried various different settings for feedrate and spindle speeds. I have tried this in the traces tab, the milling tab and the dimension tab. I am not sure what the 46 milling checkbox affects in the milling tab. I have also tried with setting different diameters for the cutting tools. Is there a way to get a complete list of the settings so i can maybe post them here. That may be easier to diagnose.

What does NaN mean? I have wondered that?

Thank you.

It means Not a Number, which means it isn’t getting a setting from the widget when it goes to generate the Gcode. Try toggling that milling checkbox. Maybe that’s it.

Hello John,

I have found a solution. I was using the edge browser and that seems to not work. Maybe it is an incompatibility issue between Chillipepper and edge.
It turns out that the workspace works very well when using chrome. In chrome i open the brd file and leave everything default and it works. I can even change all settings as much as i want to and it still works.
Only the visualizer works unexpected, it only does 2 movements and stops. The milling is fine though.

Thank you for that little bit of usefull information about NaN.
And thank you for your help with this problem, i hope that someone else might find it usefull.

You can make edge work. But natively it does not allow websocket on the loopback interface.

Go to about:flags. There should be a setting (iirc) to allow loopback.

Thank you Justin. I will probably keep using Chrome but the loopback info in edge is appreciated. It is always nice to have options.