Hello, I've had my machine a little over 5 weeks.


I’ve had my machine a little over 5 weeks. I’ve read everything I can find and watched most videos I can find. I’m still a little confused.

As for power setting, 23ma is the rated max but most agree that kills the tube fast. I’ve heard 10ma to 18ma as recommended. What does conventional wisdom say?

Lens - I’ve read concave down and convex down. I know there is a difference in focal length. What is conventional wisdom here?

18ma-20ma should run about 90-95% power which is a good rule of thumb to limit output so tube life is not prematurely shortened.

Lens goes in with the bump up.

Round side up. I don’t use over 10ma. The allinement is a bitch. Air assist is awesome.

I agree about alignment. I spent about two weeks working on just the alignment. Getting ready for air assist. Working on mods one at a time.

One more question - water temp. What is the max water temp before the last should be stopped?

30c is dead stop for me. My Reservoir is a 15 L tank. Also cut yourself a better extraction vent for the back of the machine.

15-30c for water temp with 30 being max. I usually run around 15-20c(just make sure your above the condensation temperature)

Thank everyone.

30C is fairly high IMO. I would limit it to not more than 25. I try and keep mine between 18-22C.

thanks everyone