Hello, Is there any way I can fade my rainbow to YELLOW rather than


Is there any way I can fade my rainbow to YELLOW rather than Black using beatsin8?

I’m a newbie. Any help or guidance on which direction I should search this would be great.

fill_rainbow( leds, NUM_LEDS, hue16 / 256, 50);
uint8_t bright = beatsin8(100, DIMMEST, BRIGHTEST);
FastLED.setBrightness( bright );

Not using this technique, no.

I would try using a rainbow palette and then easing to a yellow palette.

Look here for basic palette usage:

Look here for smooth transitioning between palettes:


Make sure you are using version 3.1 of FastLED.

Hah thanks Andrew! just right now I was watching your youtube videos and you came for help… You’re a Fastled saint.

I’ve been working on palettes. The palette blending does not seem to be fast enough.

I might be wrong but:
In nblendPaletteTowardPalette the variable that controls the speed of blending from one palette to the other seems to be uint8_t maxChanges = 1-48.

I’m looking to blend these for matching the beat of a music ie.the brightness example https://plus.google.com/105509168812847732602/posts/2gWA97KBu5B?pid=6184804877453259650&oid=105509168812847732602 http://pastie.org/10372689 .Do you have any ideas what might be the solution to this?
working with FastLED 3.1 on Arduino Mega 2560 iii & Windows