Hello! I'm wondering whether anyone in the ChiliPeppr community is interested in some paid


I’m wondering whether anyone in the ChiliPeppr community is interested in some paid work to develop a widget that will interface with the Shopify API. It could possibly be done in reverse, writing a Shopify App that pulls in the necessary ChiliPeppr widgets and presents a CNC interface in the Shopify app.

Rough brief: Read orders from a Shopify store, cross-reference order products with gcode files, generate a ‘playlist’ of jobs to cut.

Any thoughts/insights/interest?


I think it’s much more complicated than you believe it to be, at least based on how the details in the brief are written.

Chilipeppr runs entirely client side in the browser. What you have described sounds like things that would require a server and scripting.

I love Chilipeppr but the memory limits keeps me from using it for large projects and even makes many smaller 2.5d projects difficult. Fix that before you do anything else, please.

This sounds like a pretty fun project. I wouldn’t have time for it, but maybe somebody in this community does. From what I know of Shopify, ChiliPeppr is perfect because it lives in the cloud just like the Shopify app. My guess on your project is people are buying, say, jewelry. You then have to fire off a milling job for that piece of jewelry, and you just want it all queued up and ready to go to make production easy? How many orders per day? Is there one gcode file per item you sell? Or multiple? Am I on the right path here?

+Ray Kholodovsky (Cohesion3D) No assumptions on my part that it would be an easy/simple task; just the “Reader’s Digest version” of the brief. I anticipate that there are plenty of details that require careful consideration (like API key storage/handling etc).

@jlauer Spot on. We usually cut anywhere between 15 -50 jobs/day; one gcode file per item. Definitely on the right path.