Hello, i'm wondering what could I use to put out the flames appearing while

(Manon Joliton) #1

Hello, i’m wondering what could I use to put out the flames appearing while cutting. I’ve checked few ‘diy tutos’ on how to make an air assist but I haven’t found what machine they use to blow air.
Could a air pump (use to inflate mattress) work ? pic1

Or maybe a mini air compressor used to inflate bike and car tyres (less than 10bar, 12V, 35L/min) would be better ? Pic2

I don’t want to spend a lot of money (as i don’t have sadly ^^)
I need something that is enough powerfull to put out the flames but as i cut veneer with my k40, I don’t want it to blow my veneer pieces all lover the laser (and the vent to suck them up)…
Thank you in advance

(Joseph Alexander) #2

I personally use this as my air assist as do several other people:
https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B019UJONV8/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 its relatively quiet and seems to work well.

(Manon Joliton) #3

how many GPH does your one make ? do you think it makes a huge difference ?
thank you :3

(Joseph Alexander) #4

im not sure on the gph but it puts out a steady stream that does extinguish the flames when cutting wood or similar materials, and doesn’t blow my material around.

(Manon Joliton) #5

@Domm434 ok thank you, I’m gonna look arround for one

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #6

I use this one @ 1300GPH:

You might get away with less but the smaller one is unavailable on amazon and this isn’t aweful expensive. I control the output with a valve.

(Manon Joliton) #7

@donkjr ok, i’m also considering buying an aerograph kit, do you think an aerograph compressor would be strong enough to put out the flames ? it’s only 10-15L/min (~1500GPH)

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #8

@Manon_Joliton Assuming you mean an “Airbrush Compressor”, I used to use one but it was way to noisy and no extra air capacity. Many use air brush compressors.

15 L/min = 237 GPH???

(James Rivera) #9

I use a super cheap aquarium air pump, but all I wanted is to keep the smoke away from my lens, which it does, and it is very quiet.

(Tom Traband) #10

The noise from that indicator would drive me crazy. My current setup involves a 5$ aquarium air pump, vinyl tubing and a .35 welding tip. The tubing is zip-tied to a copper wire so it can be simed at the laser focus point.

(Manon Joliton) #11

@Tom_Traband Do you know how many GPH your pump is ?

(Tom Traband) #12

I bought it locally and don’t have the package any longer but similar ones on Amazon sized for 10 gallon fish tanks list 1.8 l/min. I think it works because I’m not trying to fill a whole lens-surrounding nozzle, just pointing a jet of air right at the cutting location.