Hello :), Im still working on my fastled led suit.

(Dwain Scheeren) #1

Hello :),

Im still working on my fastled led suit. I have now made a print with a microphone, a op amp, and a envelop detector for 50hz. The analog data of that print will be send to my Arduino.
Now I have seen some functions here which have bpm. Does anyone can give me advice how to convert this analog data to bpm, or make other effects with this analog data? I don’t want to use FFT.


(Mark Kriegsman) #2

I’ll help however I can… and I’m curious what you’re using for the 50Hz envelope detector?

(Mark Kriegsman) #3

Neat. That project uses FFT though, which I would (also) love to avoid if possible; it eats a great deal of the available CPU power.

(Dwain Scheeren) #4

@Mark_Kriegsman We use a diode, resistor and a compensator. See photo: http://puu.sh/mwUVL/66a915261b.png

(Mark Kriegsman) #5

Ah, sure. What values are you using for components to get your 50Hz detector?

(Dwain Scheeren) #6

The resistor = 51k and the compensator = 10 uf

(Mark Kriegsman) #7

Thank you! (And I think you mean “capacitor”.)

(Dwain Scheeren) #8

@Mark_Kriegsman You’re welcome. I’m playing around little bit DiscoStrobe is very nice also DemoReel 100 with juggle and bpm are really cool effects. Hope to get them sync with music.

(Juergen Bruegl) #9

Jeremy Blum made a great Tutorial (not FastLED)

Also the Tutorial is worth watching