Hello , im new. Im going to start to print the f1.

(Zebulon van Haren) #1

Hello , im new.

Im going to start to print the f1.
Love the disign and all the mods already.
I like to build the base model firsth than look for improvements.

I wanted to try to go on 3s, will this melt the pla gears?

Planning to use normal 1/10 rc touringcar wheels, have loads of them.

Becose i see all the oversteer problems on youtube i will install a gyro and try to get all the wight in the rear. Wel thats how they do it in 1/10 rwd drift cars i beleave.

Sry for my bad English,

Greetings from the Netherlands

(Klaus Daume) #2

I assume most ppl go with 2s because pla suffers from its brittleness. It ain’t flexible at all. You may give it a try and if it fails you provide replacements (1$ each or so :wink: ). You may also try to print the gears with nylon as it is flexible, durable and has very low friction.

(Zebulon van Haren) #3

Thx for the replay,

i know it is brittle but well real f1 is also and this give more spectacular crashesh eh?

Im running a metal pinion on the moter just wondering how the big gear will hold, will it melt or wil the tooths brake off becose it is indeed to brittle or not.

Im just not familer with printing nylon.

(Engineering Nonsense) #4

It’s all in the design. My car is made of PLA and it holds up fine. I posted it here in the group–Its not an F1 though it’s more ralley