Hello, I'm looking into options on a new laser cutter.

Hello, I’m looking into options on a new laser cutter. Has anyone here done a conversion on a larger chinese laser? For example, a Redsail CM160X or similar size laser.

I’d be interested to hear from anyone who did a conversion to a smoothieboard and laserweb.

@funinthefalls ​ could have info for you

I converted a Redsail LE4000 to a Smoothieboard, I ripped all the control items out, just leavingthe mechanical parts, laser tube, and stepper motors and case. I wired the steppers for X,Y and Z to the smoothieboard, installed a modern laser PSU and connected the tube to it, controlled by a Smoothieboard PWM signal. Fairly easy to do and allows you to use open source software such as laserweb!