Hello, I'm back! Currently running the Azteeg X3,

Hello, I’m back! Currently running the Azteeg X3, got a defective one with a bad FET and I am going to update to the X5 GT. What drivers to you guys recommend, looking for maximum print quality at 80mm/s to 120mm/s on a Spyder V2 with a Chimera.

Ordering tomorrow, got a huge 3D hubs order (7KG!) and need to get printing ASAP.

I was thinking about the Bigfoot BSD2660 or the SD8825

Let me know what you think, thanks!

Sorry, can’t help you with your drivers (I moved to the DuetWifi and can highly recommend it), but it’s good to see another Eustathios on 3DHubs!

I’m using the Bigfoot drivers (BSD2660) which have been good so far. I made the switch over earlier this summer, haven’t been using it a whole lot since (just how my summer is) but like it so far!