Hello i'm a newbie to CNC My CNC config Nema23 motor drive with compatible

Hello i’m a newbie to CNC

My CNC config Nema23 motor drive with compatible TB6600 Micro step driver
I user arduino uno and GRBL, my probleme is to make this WIFI or networked, I need to connect my Arduino to RASPBERRY,

My Goal is to control My CNC ( Bertha 3.0 on thingiverse) using only the Raspberry PI , like to know if this is possible and if it is, need some info on how to doi-it,

Your machine current runs on a grbl shield/ arduino uno board? Great. You can hook that board up to a Raspberry Pi over USB cable. The Pi should have the Serial Port JSON Server image running on it. Then you can connect to it from Chilipeppr on your computer and send it commands.

This is one of the most popular ways to drive a CNC. Do what Ray says. Just d/l the latest spjs from https://github.com/chilipeppr/serial-port-json-server/releases and get the Linux version for your raspi. I recommend a Raspberry Pi 2 so you have the speediest platform.

so this is the only wa ? already did this, thank’s but my goal was to use ony the PI to work without arduino if it was possible , to simplify the process !
and by the way i dont use any shield , just connect my microstep driver straight to the arduino

No, Pi is high level and Arduino is low level. Pi handles the network and communications, Arduino handles the individual pulses for the motors.

Ok I understand, Thank you !