hello, i would buy and build a reprap,

i would buy and build a reprap, but what is the 3d printer with the best value for the price.?

i see for prusa or mendel or a delta 3d printer but i have no experience whith a 3d printer.


I would opt for a Prusa i3 as a first printer since the’re easy to build and debug. The Prusa i3’s are available in a large variety in price and quality so the’re must be one that fits your needs and budget.

and what electronic board i should use?
i’m seeing for RAMPS or megatronics… but i don’t find recent discussion.

RAMPS is outdated in my opinion. If you have the money go for something 32 bit.

at example?
I would like to spend the minimum possible

where i can find updated information for the electronics and the firmware.? i have searched but i found only old posts.

I think a good starting point is http://reprap.org.

thanks, i have already visited this site but i can’t find what is the best recent 3d printer

@simone_viozzi Delta is not a good idea for your first printer especially if you’re gonna self source it. I would go with a prusa I3 from http://reprap.org and in terms of a board thats your call. Most can be configured fairly easily

AFAIK RepRap is pretty agnostic about what the best printer is so you probably won’t find such a list on the website. The best printer depends on so many things: budget, experience, planned use (e.g type of filament) and so on.

Check out “tech2c” on youtube.