Hello ! I want to make a stage with 2700 LED (WS2812b) made of

(Geoffrey Legenty) #1

Hello !
I want to make a stage with 2700 LED (WS2812b) made of 45 strips, I want them to be sound reactive and synced with Unity 3D.
I was thinking about an Arduino Mega to control the LED strips, and communicate with it maybe with OSC.
Somebody got some advice on this kind of setup ?
Thanks for the help

(X-WL) #2

why exactly unity 3d?

(Yves BAZIN) #3

@Geoffrey_Legenty for the board it really depends on what you want to do.
Are you going to do some processing on the board ?
Plus what kinda of refera rate are you looking for ? 2700 leds in series you are aiming at 12fps (without any lost processing on a slow mcu). I would suggest to go for a teensy or an esp32 that allow parallel output which will bring the FPS up to 98. Teensy and esp32 are really powerful and not expensive either.
Then depends if you want wireless connectivity. In that case esp32 comes with WiFi and Bluetooth onboard.
Most of the big setup with ws2812b (more than 1000 leds) are done on either of these two boards.

(Marc Miller) #4

I would also ask “sound reactive” in what sense? What do you want it to do based on the sound?

And are you going to have the audio feed directly into the controller, or will the sound be picked up over a mic?

There are little boards like these to process the audio into 7 channels

Or if you get a Teensy and the audio shield it can do quite a variety of audio processing.

(Geoffrey Legenty) #5

@X-WL1 Unity will generate visuals on the sound and the idea it’s to have synced color / mood with the LED

(Geoffrey Legenty) #6

@Yves_BAZIN , Color & Gradient progression, fade animation, and maybe display video as video wall

(Yves BAZIN) #7

@Geoffrey_Legenty if you want to play video, definitely teensy or esp32 with parallel output :wink: you will need cpu power.
https://youtu.be/3wkRo2VCVQ8 here 6000leds with esp32

(Jack Keeney) #8

That will require about 162 amps (if all LED’s are lit up white). That is a lot of power!

(Yves BAZIN) #9

@Jack_Keeney yes indeed but that is something nobody does really as it’s really bright and. most people do not go more than the maximum brightness and never full white.

(X-WL) #10

@Geoffrey_Legenty all this can easily be done in Resolume Arena by Artnet.

(Yves BAZIN) #11

@X-WL1 this time it’s me needed your help I have downloaded arena but i don’t know how to set it up to send artnet packets. Could u give me a hand ?

(X-WL) #12

@Yves_BAZIN easy. first you need to select a network card in the Preferences in the DMX tab. then in the top menu the Output-> Advance tab

(X-WL) #13

@Yves_BAZIN then in the upper left corner you click on “+” and then “add lumiverse”
Select. then you need to configure the target ip and universe number.

(Geoffrey Legenty) #14

@Yves_BAZIN How do you power all this LEDs ? Are they controlled only by your ESP32 ?
Do you have a tutorial for an installation of this scale ?

(Yves BAZIN) #15

@Geoffrey_Legenty https://hackaday.io/project/158268-5904-leds-panel for some info

(kamal sonani) #16

@Yves_BAZIN For Esp32
What is the max number of leds i can drive on single pin @ frame rate of 30 fps?

& After in 16 parallel output
Mean (max led per pin x 16 = ?)

One core is used for artnet data catch & second one is for driving led.

(Yves BAZIN) #17

@kamal_sonani the max refresh rate depends on the type of leds not the board.
For ws2812 it would be around 1000 leds
But if you try 16000 leds on one board it will fail due to the large amount of memory needed.
I would not go for the max number of leds to obtain 30fps. Because the day you want to put any computing then your refresh rate falls.
I would go for 16pins only if you don not have the choice. ‘Cause my library is sensible to interrupts and when using WiFi you would need a dead pixel.
You have the official version of the Fastled which goes up to 8 parralel outputs without interior sensibility.
For your 2700 leds I would go for max 8pins that is way enough.

(X-WL) #18

@Yves_BAZIN did you succeed in sending data?

(kamal sonani) #19

I have this controller led wifi controller,support 2048 pixels,full DIY,WS2812,WS2811,UCS1903,DMX512,artnet remote control,Madrix,Jinx
http://s.aliexpress.com/Ub6ZnMBB?fromSns=Copy to Clipboard

You can see inside using this twitter link

I’m surprised that only single Esp8266 can drive upto 2048 leds on one single pin(only patterns) even i can use one artnet universe in option.

(Yves BAZIN) #20

@X-WL1 yes I did thank
But setting up 48 universes is long it did not go all the way :wink:
Unless there is a faster way to do it.
That I need to find