Hello, I really like the HercuLien and Eustathios but I don't want to go

Hello, I really like the HercuLien and Eustathios but I don’t want to go above a 12"x12" bed. What would I need to adjust/replace to scale down the build area to a 12x12 for both machines?

Probably just the aluminum extrusion, smooth and threaded rods. Printed parts would most likely be identical

I am going in the other direction. I want bigger than current Herculien. :smiley:

@Eclsnowman would be able to comment on which item in the BOM you need changing of sizing.

Thank you. I would love to scale the size down for both machines to fit my desk space. I have a gift cert at OpenBuilds that I can use on extrusions :slight_smile:

The Eustathios is right at 11.8" x 11.8" already.

@Jason_Smith is correct. If you are looking for a 12x12 printer Eustatios is the one. No sense putting the extra weight of 10mm rods if the span doesn’t require it.

@Dat_Chu @Isaac_Arciaga if you are looking to resize HercuLien this is the print I would start with: https://github.com/eclsnowman/HercuLien/blob/master/Drawings/Herculien_Frame.PDF

Unfortunately It would take some time to explain everything for every possible way the dimensions could be changed. Just make sure the smooth rods, and associated extrusions are shrunk or expanded by the same amount you want it to change.

For reference the HercuLien as drawn can do 338mm X by 358mm Y x 320mm Z. You could get more if the blowers were moved from the back and mounted in another way so they aren’t being dragged around like a trailer (I always wanted to do this, I just never found a good way.

Also another thing to gain in X would be to reconfigure the location of the Z Leadscrews. The upper bearing support limits travel in X.

I think a different way of routing the belts and stepper for Z could be done to get more Z travel. Currently the z belt tensioning cross beam is the limiting factor. Perhaps inverting the stepper and dropping the cross bar down could do this.

Lastly if you wanted only 1 extruder you could gain more with the new carriage I posted recently. This is what I plan to do soon because I literally never use my dual extruder so the weight is just a burden.

@Dat_Chu@Eclsnowman ​​ Danger danger. When I looked into scaling the mechanical platform for the Ultimaker style system all these bots share, the cost per mm^3 of build volume jumps up while the system performance drops. This is due to the increased cost in finding really straight shafts above 500mm in length, the need to move to 10mm cross beams at a certain point (as 8mm will deflect too much). Plus at some point the outer shafts may need to increase in diameter (12mm shafts are less common and thus more costly) and that means 12mm bore gt2 pulleys. All of the increase in weight means you’re fighting more inertia with 6mm belts so you’ll see more deflection, springiness and backlash in the system. Longer outer shafts will also amplify any run out issues.  edit: does herculean already have 10mm cross beams?

This is why I started on Procerus as its designed to scale in a much linear fashion.

@Tim_Rastall yes 10mm on HercuLien all around.

Since herculien has 10mm all around, I assume extending the z axis by simply extending the extruder and the threaded stepper motors would be doable without any performance drop?

I think so. Just don’t go crazy. The mass is moving at the top of the frame. The taller you go the more effect that will have due to the length of the LEVER to the base. But adding another 100 or 200 mm would be no problem.

@Jason_Smith I noticed the 321mm and 425mm extrusions in your BoM were tapped and the 355mm extrusions have a hole drilled down the middle. Are these still required? Can 90 brackets be used instead?

@Isaac_Arciaga they can, but they help rigidity. To be honest I never even installed all the brackets the tapped holes and a button head screw work amazingly well. Plus it really pulls the frame together.

@Eclsnowman thank you. I already placed the order for the extrusions. I’ll be using 2020 from Openbuilds. I’ll have them drilled and tapped for the Eustathios. Question regarding the stepped lead screw in the BoM. The Misumi part# listed calls for a “S56” (56mm step) MTSBRA12-410-S56-Q8. Is it suppose to be a 26mm step perhaps? The max step available is 40mm.

@Isaac_Arciaga see this thread: https://plus.google.com/102704056502370028084/posts/c5i8um6go2d

@Eclsnowman I’m looking at your Eustathios Spider files/drawings from GitHub. Is there much difference between your variant and the original? Are the frame dimensions the same? I ask because your full assembly drawing is much easier for me to follow (on SpaceClaim) and build from. Also I want to thank you for taking the time to export your drawings to different formats. It is so much easier for us!

@Isaac_Arciaga they should be dimensionally the same, just more fillets on mine. I used Jason’s STL’s to dimension from in Rhino, then modeled each in solidworks with only minor alterations. The only big change was the carriage shape.

Awesome. Thank you so much! @Eclsnowman ! Completing the shopping list for the BoM now! I’m a little over budget but it looks to be worth it. I’ll be asking a bunch more questions soon!