Hello I need to buy a new power supply,


I need to buy a new power supply, could someone send the ratings of the power supply and add a picture of the data sticker from the power supply.


Have fun, discovering what’s inside your Ares.

The spec is 6A (24V); the very minimum is 4A but I wouldn’t go with it. I had to replace mine on day one because the shipped unit couldn’t deliver 4A, regardless of what the sticker says. The symptom was a sudden shutdown whenever it tried to set temperature up. Look through this forum for pictures of the originally shipped unit.

@whackyhack The picture in one of the forums wasn’t working. So i don’t know what the polarity of the power supply, can you tell me the polarity of your power supply.

It is center positive. (Most of these power supplies are, so I didn’t even bother to check at the second-hand store.)

@whackyhack Thanks