Hello. I´m a newbie with these modern RC-parts so I have a question about

Hello. I´m a newbie with these modern RC-parts so I have a question about this TEU-101BK ESC that came with DF-03Ra kit.
Can I use this with both lipo and Nimh batteries? Does this ESC have some limitations that might prevent me from using it on my future projects if I use other kind of motors than 540 etc?

Or should I go with the one on Daniel´s list “Turnigy Brushless ESC 35A CAR ESC”?


That ESC is optimized for the very specific parts that come with the DF-03(Ra). Forget about using a stronger motor, a LiPo battery or a different receiver with it - A stronger motor (brushed only for this ESC) will overload the ESC, a LiPo will deep discharge because the ESC doesn’t have an undervoltage cutoff and a different receiver might blow up because the ESC feeds it with power directly from the battery instead of stepping it down to 5 or 6V.

We’ve since selected a more appropriate ESC as a replacement for the 35A one: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__25651__Turnigy_Trackstar_1_10_45A_Sensorless_Car_Esc.html
Please note that it will only work with brushless motors and not the tin-can brushed motor the DF-03 comes with.

Ok, thanks a lot for the information. I´ll use those parts only with the original kit then and buy a new set of parts for the future projects. Thanks.

I’ve often wanted to make a thing to set between receiver and ESC, to implement brake/reversing lights, maybe traction control…

The signal is well-documented PWM, brake/reverse lights can be done with a couple resistors and an OpAmp. Traction control would require some sort of feedback (like ABS indexers) from the tires to work right, and a microcontroller to do the math - it would be wicked cool to have that working :slight_smile:

@Bracken_Dawson Me too! I’ve a pair of TC3 trucks and a RS4 and a RS4 Pro that I’d gotten years ago for a song (didn’t even need to dance) with the very idea of embedding some sensors and logic between the receiver and the ESC to make semi-autonomous RC cars. Cars that keep themselves off the walls would be nice, wouldn’t it?