Hello I have few problems and perhaps somebody knows how I can fix or


I have few problems and perhaps somebody knows how I can fix or approch to find the error.

Troubles: If using touch plate once touching it just goes a bit up and stops like Limit switch reached. Sometimes Reset from Chilipeper doesn`t work anymore, I suppose the Communication fails. Usually how in 99% of the cases I get it back running is by unchecking Box of Com Port to JSON Server, RESET button on Tinyg, waiting a few seconds, and afterwards Reseting the checkbox for communication.

I read (I think it was John Lauer ) in a troubleshooting Forum that there was other people having that issue. So I disconnected all switches, configured all switches to none, but touch plate issue remains.
Only thing I haven’t done yet is disconnecting the 2 external driver of X.
I wired according to Diagram, and according to this settings. As long as I do not need the touch plate everythings works just fine.

Settings and cabling before i started my Troubleshooting:

XSmiN = 3 (Limit and homing)
XSmaX = 2 (only Limit)
YSmiN = 3 (Limit and homing)
YSmaX = 2 (only Limit)
ZSmiN = 2 (only Limit)
ZSmaX = 3 (Limit and homing)

[fb] firmware build 440.20
[fv] firmware version 0.97
[hp] hardware platform 1.00
[hv] hardware version 8.00
[id] TinyG ID 5X0850-TNA

I have wired it as on the Picture shown. I use 24VDC relays to prevent any noice from Machine, and keep 3.3 / GND Lines as short as possible.

Thanks for suggestions.

Do I read the above drawing to say that you are using the limit switches to control relay coils? If yes, you need flyback diodes or EMI will kill you. Optoisolators would be better, if you really need them

Yes Fly back diodes are in the installed on the Coil. Yes I agree with you that optocoplers would be better, but that is a thing I am going to modify once it works with relays.

here you can see the build :

OK, then flyback noise should not be your problem.
How are you executing your touchplate cycle?
I have not used touch plate, I am not sure you should set the Zmin as a limit.
Perhaps try a cycle with limits and homing shut off?
I believe the tinyG command takes care of conditioning the Zmin port.

Use optocouplers, so the probe will be electrically isolated from TinyG probe pins. Do the same for other limit switches.