Hello! I have ChiliPeppr running nicely on a Pi2 handling my XCarve.

Hello! I have ChiliPeppr running nicely on a Pi2 handling my XCarve. I have an old, silver V1 Contour Shuttle Pro around and thought I might see if it’s compatible. I can’t be sure, though, and the only clue I get is that the current OS X drivers cover the whole family of newer products as well as this one. Not sure if that suggests a common protocol or drivers with legacy capability.

I’ve done the entire shuttleCP build with no apparent errors and, due to the different USB name that is registered, altered my arguments for shuttlecp.

lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 9 May 30 15:19 usb-Contour_Design_Jog_and_Shuttle-event-if00 -> …/event0

So, I use:

sudo ./shuttlecp /dev/input/by-id/usb-Contour_Design_Jog_and_Shuttle-event-if00

But always get this error:

wiringPiSetup*: You must only call this once per program run. This is a fatal error. Please fix your code.

I’ve perused the code a bit looking for hints, but I’m up against several possible causes (the obvious big one being incompatibility with this model). Any thoughts on further debugging?

@Frank_Graffagnino may have the most insight here since he wrote that code. Have you gotten any events at all from your Shuttle device just to make sure it’s not the hardware layer?

Thanks for the reply. I can confirm the hardware works on OS X with the latest driver from Contour Design… so I know it’s physically functional without issues. It does also register fine on the Pi as shown above - but the WiringPi error is all I ever get from shuttlecp, so I’m not sure if I have an issue pre-shuttle or if that’s a reaction to some level of incompatibility when it tries to initialize this old V1.

hmm… i’ve never seen that, but the wiringPi stuff is just if you are using GPIO to do extra buttons and switches and LEDs and things, like I did on my shuttleBox. If you are only doing the contour jog wheel, you don’t need all that stuff. I have a separate branch on the shuttleCP stuff called “gpio_disable”. If you use that branch, I believe the Makefile has some easy settings to disable the GPIO stuff and hence remove the need for wiringPi altogether. I put it in a while back for another user that wanted it, but I never heard back from them if it worked. So, if it works for you, let me know and I’ll merge it into the main branch.

Thanks! I will check that out and report back.

Happy to report that it works like a charm with the old V1 Shuttle Pro if I compile with GPIO disabled.

I had preliminarily ordered an XPress already and Amazon shipped before I could cancel. I’ll compare the two and see which I like better from a usage/ergonomic standpoint - but it’s good to know this works. Much appreciated!

Great. I’ll get that merged in and also try to get that new support for bCNC merged in as well.

I’ve got these both merged in. I deleted that branch since it should all be in master now.