Hello! I have a source for custom spring steel magnetic PEI coated beds,

Hello! I have a source for custom spring steel magnetic PEI coated beds, laser engraved and cut to size. Also magnetic.

Price is around $50


Please fill out google form for bed order, all details are private.

Will order within a week. Will provide shipping time estimate​ as well.

I’d be down. What is engraved on it?

If they can be any custom size I would be in for 2 of different dimensions

Count me in.

Count on me as well!

@wes_jackson I was going to design somthing similar to the prusia mk3 design. Just a grid to help with measurements no names or anything

I will make a straw poll for sizes. I was going to order just for the eustathios, but if there is demand for the herc I can get that in too. Poll will be up tonight!

@Zane_Baird they are made to order so the more of one size the cheaper. I could get a special one for you. Will make a poll soon

I’d be interested. Printrbot Simple Metal and Eustathios Spider V2.

definitely sounds like a good idea, surprised PEI coated steel beds are not on aliexpress already.

Love one for mk3

I’d be down for one too, Eustathios.

qualche foto

@Stefano_Pagani For the custom sized beds, do you expect the cost to be the same?

Everyone please do the google form !

@Zane_Baird may be slightly more. $60? If you send dxf I can have them quote it

Should we design in some alignment pin locations.

@Stefano_Pagani to add on to @Eclsnowman , what are the tolerance of the cuts? Water jet or laser?

@Zane_Baird will inquire with seller

@Eclsnowman I would say so. Very busy this weekend but will work on it Monday and Tuesday