Hello, I have a question:


I have a question: We have a custom board and also an application to upload programs to it. We want to have the same functionality in a ChiliPeppr Workspace but the application is written in Java.

Is it possible to execute Java code from a widget or do we have to port it to Javascript?

Thank you!

It’s possible, but i preferred to communicate to a local service via rest. If this possible?

I don’t think that is possible, at least as we thought the idea: Offer the possibility to upload programs to the board to other users in an easy way.

Could you give me a hint or indicate me in the right direction on how would it possible to execute Java code from a widget?

It is not possible to execute Java code in the browser. However, what does this Java code do? Could you run it on a server and let folks do Ajax calls to it from the browser? Or is this Java code talking direct to the board so folks would need to run it locally instead of Serial Port JSON Server?

@bastian_faulhaber did you get a chance to watch the videos on the homepage to see how to make a new workspace? I highly recommend them.

I think it could be possible with AJAX calls. I have to look into it and will be able to get back to you next week.

And yes I already watched the videos!

Thank you very much!

We think it is possible to do via AJAX calls. Thank you again!