Hello, I have a professor whose Ares isn't able to be reached by plugging

(Miles M.) #1


I have a professor whose Ares isn’t able to be reached by plugging in the ethernet cable. The address he used to connect with was, if memory serves. Are we missing something? He may have powered the printer off by unplugging it at some point. The next thing I hope to try is maybe fiddle with the Ethernet settings and ssh’ing into the Pi at that address (I couldn’t ping it though) and restarting the Octoprint service or something. Basically what this guy did: https://plus.google.com/+IvanHoeEeWu/posts/QJrkTMyw4rF

Thanks, have a good one.

(Yuan LIU) #2

What is on the other side of the Ethernet cable?

(Miles M.) #3

@Yuan_LIU He has a dedicated laptop for it, so he just plugs the laptop right into the RJ-45 on the Ares.

(Yuan LIU) #4

You must have read https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DIFQfZk3I76WDWiHoxYAtwAzS25ghNM2sgUZNvBKfJw and set up a DHCP server on the laptop. Note that a DHCP server does not guarantee the same IP address for Ares every time. Assuming that the DHCP server continues to run on the Ethernet interface, you want to run arp to determine Ares’ address.

(James Wildman) #5

Mine had this issue suddenly after working fine one day the next no ethernet port or usb’s… I took it apart and tretouched everysolder joint on that board the power, usb’s and ethernet connect to. it worked fine for a week now just the ethernet is down… I opened it up and plugged directly into the pi to configure a small usb wifi adapter in the last usb port on the pi… I have plans to redesign that board.