Hello, I have a LaserAxe laser,

Hello, I have a LaserAxe laser, I used T2laser to flash it with laseraxe 1.1f grbl.

The issue I have is that my X axis moves in reverse. In T2laser there is an option to reverse the x axis. Is there a reverse axis function in laserweb? Everything else seems to work fine. Thank you in advance

LW will not reverse as this is a firmware issue. Read here and look for setting $3

I’m new to grbl, I’m very familiar with marlin. Do I just send the command as part of start script? Or do I send it at the command prompt every time I use the laser? Thank you in advance…

@Brian_Roth send the command only one time, and the firmware will be save with the new setting.

@Brian_Roth There is a console on the bottom right in LaserWeb to send commands by hand.

Thank you! I got all working great! I appreciate all your help! I’m use to configuring marlin files, then compiling and uploading. This is easier!!