Hello, I cannot anymore make the software start..


I cannot anymore make the software start… I get a blank screen when cliking…

any help?
thank you

Do you have the latest build? Have you restarted the machine?


Try this: uninstall and Search for win %appdata%\http://lw-comm.server folder and delete upon uninstalling app then reinstall

I have a Mac

@Jorge_Robles ​ what the location on a Mac, I’m away from my machine

sorry… can’t understand…

~/Library/Application\ Support/lw.comm-server/Local\ Storage

what do I have to do? look directory and erase all?

let us know if this fixes the issue


Remove the whole Local\ Storage folder

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty can’t open this link

@Antonio_Zerilli disregard that comment as is for future use. Follow Jorge instructions

@Jorge_Robles sorry for my ignorance… how can I find this folder?

CMD+Mays+G, then put the path there. Then you can delete (maybe it asks admin rights)

maybe the link is not complete…

I mean the directory

@Jorge_Robles ​ what key is Mays?

shift :smiley:
sorry I’m not english