Hello, I bought a 64x32 P4 panel on Aliexpress,

I bought a 64x32 P4 panel on Aliexpress, got it working on arduino UNO without smartmatrix shield by following the Adafruit tutorial, including wiring ( https://learn.adafruit.com/32x16-32x32-rgb-led-matrix/connecting-with-jumper-wires ). I can run the 32x32 examples but not 64x32, I guess it’s related to memory.
I would like to connect it to a Teensy 3.1 and use Fastled, is it possible ? If yes, can someone help me with the wiring, I have searched online but couldn’t find any resource :frowning:

You might post this over on the SmartMatrix community: http://community.pixelmatix.com

You can use FastLED, but you’ll still need the SmartMatrix library to handle driving the panel. It was recently updated to handle various sizes, including 64x32.

I am running one currently with the shield on a teensy 3.2

@Jason_Coon @Tom_Schubert I don’t have the shield, that’s why I’m asking here, I thought maybe someone followed the same path as me … I’m kind of broke for the moment, and cannot order the shield :frowning:
I have followed these instructions for the UNO ( https://learn.adafruit.com/32x16-32x32-rgb-led-matrix/connecting-with-jumper-wires ). I have tried to run the Fastled/smartmatrix example on the UNO but it doesn’t work, I don’t know what is the equivalent for the pins on the Teensy :frowning:

You don’t have to have the shield to use the library. It makes for neater wiring, adds level shifters, SD card, etc.

You will need a Teensy, though, as I doubt the uno has enough ram.

I’ll see if I can find the wiring diagram for the Teensy.

@Jason_Coon That’s what I thought when I ordered it, I have the teensy, level shifter and beefy power supply.
I’ll order a shield later then, it sucks on the UNO, it can’t run the 64x32, the 32x32 examples display 2 frames side by side and are very laggy … I have a Mega I ordered on Aliexpress, but it’s faulty, I never by a clone again … thank you for your help

In the meantime, I’ll print a grid on my 3d printer to have a pixel display when I’ll have it working :wink:

Here we go, found it: http://docs.pixelmatix.com/SmartMatrix/shieldref.html#smartmatrix-shield-overview-technical-details-manually-connecting-teensy-and-panel

@Jason_Coon you’re the man, thanks so much !!

I found this additional picture on their site, that shows the pins used on the teensy 3.1 ( red lines ) http://docs.pixelmatix.com/SmartMatrix/photos/TeensyPinout.png