Hello, I am new to all this stuff.

Hello, I am new to all this stuff. I just got a K40 laser and I am looking to upgrade it. I have been looking at several options. Either a Smoothie board or one of these http://www.panucatt.com/azteeg_X5_mini_reprap_3d_printer_controller_p/ax5mini.htm any thoughts which would be better?

No comments? How about the Light Object X7 DSP kit? I am looking for some feedback before I pull the trigger on one of these. Any help would be appreciated.

I’m running mine right now on a Arduino running GRBL and a Protoneer CNC shield. I works but it can be a bit temperamental with disconnects and a slight weirdness around the edges. I ordered a Smoothie last week though - my preferred software (LaserWeb3) has features that are only available with the Smoothie (like acceleration based power). Plus the work folks do with that board looks pro to me!