Hello, I am new here and I am looking at buying a printer.

Hello, I am new here and I am looking at buying a printer. I want to build my first one and have been looking at the parts kits on ebay and Amazon. I am just wondering what a good price is for a whole kit, the electronics, motors, and hardware. Also wondering if you guys knew where I could get a good deal or maybe you would be a willing to print me the plastic parts…for a fee of course. Thanks in advance.

I got my Reprap Mendelmax 1.5 here (http://blomker.com/index.php). Decent price and for a good cause. It’s been a pleasure to own.

You should be able to get something good for under a thousand. Over a thousand, I’d lean towards Ultimaker. I’ve heard awesome things about the Mendel 90 kit. The structural parts are thick plywood, so they’re really tough.

I looked into sourcing my own originally, but the shipping prices killed that idea. It’s much more cost effective to get a kit from someone. If you want a decent starter printer, the printrbot simple is around $300

Good starting point is K8200 Complete Kit,
best price so far is here:
It is well documented and have full support from manufacturer.
Assembly instructions are here:
More info is here;