Hello, I am looking for a solution to use the FastLED library on high

(Michael Schneider) #1

I am looking for a solution to use the FastLED library on high power RGB LEDs. The LED I found will consume up to 10 Watts if all three colors are on. The LED comes with a common anode and three kathodes, one for each RGB color. I can tinker a basic PWM driver for the three colors but then I think I am still far away to connect to the FastLED lib. Maybe there is already a solution for that and I could not find it (or did not use the right words). Anyone with a good idea?

(варешяф рйезот) #2

try to look to this side:

I think - it is best solution in your case ) May be in is not so simple, but if you realize you project with many leds - you will be most bright FastLEDs user )) LOL

(Michael Schneider) #3

@fa25514ad7a4d6321c2d Thanks for this, great Link. I need only three of them so I doubt to be the brightest :slight_smile:

(варешяф рйезот) #4

Make Bright, Not War! ))
Hope, you will make it well and show for us ) Thanks!

(Daniel Garcia) #5

There’s also this in the examples for using FastLED while driving analog leds directly - https://github.com/FastLED/FastLED/blob/master/examples/AnalogOutput/AnalogOutput.ino

(Marc Miller) #6

There is a simple example of using FastLED to control “analog” LEDs here:

Hopefully you can use this with the PWM driver you setup.

[Edit: Oops, I was a bit slow in getting my reply posted. Daniel already post it above.]

(Juergen Bruegl) #7

With common Anode (+) the example might work in ‘reverse’: 0 is full brightness and 255 is off.
For some recommendations on the driving circuit side I should know what µC you are using (3.3V or 5V?) Are you using 3 dedicated PWM pins for each LED or do you consider to drive the LEDs in parallel. How many LEDs?