Hello, I am having problems with my electronic (mega+ramps 1.4).

(Javier Prieto) #1

Hello, I am having problems with my electronic (mega+ramps 1.4). You can see what happens when plug into the 12 volts ATX PSU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTvhzJCqcD8&feature=youtu.be . I have been printing several hours with my rostock mini, and yesterday afternoon, I replaced a pololu (it began to fry). If I connect the arduino by the usb, the lcd turns on, and every led is on, but when I unplug it, and connect by 12 volts, nothing wake. I try with the ramps plugged in the arduino, and in the ramps alone. I have two sets of electronic, the left one is a very nice and well done ramps, from a spanish guy, and the right one is a chinese ramps. The arduino is the same model from the same shop. By usb, I can go up, down and push into the menus of the lcd. The psu is ok, it gives me 13.5A. Would apreciaty any kind of help :slight_smile:

(Wayne Friedt) #2

would check the D1 diode and see if it is there.

(Javier Prieto) #3

@Wayne_Friedt how could I check it? With the continuity mode? It does not seems to be damaged. Thank you!

(Javier Prieto) #4

@Wayne_Friedt It does not beep, also, the 5v (vcc) terminals give 0 volts, and 12 (auxiliar) gives 12 volts (both ramps)

(BoonKuey Lee) #5

It happened to me too. After googling some folks said the voltage converter on the ramps is not working.

(Javier Prieto) #6

@BoonKuey_Lee some people told me that, but I can not find the converter on the RAMPs wiki. Will try again. Did you repaired it? Is it complicated? (I am not a very handy man with soldering) Again: THANK YOUUUUUUU!!!

(Javier Prieto) #7

do you know guys where the voltage converter is and what model? there is not any mention about it in the wiki mounting guide

(BoonKuey Lee) #8

the issue is in the Arduino voltage regulator. see the link image


(Javier Prieto) #9

but it happens to me without the arduino. only the ramps alone, arduino is several meters far away

(Javier Prieto) #10

I changed the mosfets, and it run ok, until a flame appeared and in my wrath, put in the trash all the arduinos and ramps. But it was the hot end’s mosfet (only the one I have used, not the other two)