Hello! I am designing and building an RC & FPV & UGV base machine

I am designing and building an RC & FPV & UGV base machine called “Electromyrmex”.
It runs on 24 V and it has two wheel chair motors. It has a Sabertooth ESC in tank mode. (Tracks can be added later on the wheels).

I have got most of the parts waiting for the frame and installation, but before I can send the drawings to metal workshop I need to solve the tool attachment issue.

I was going to use an linear actuator to lift the front “forks” but I want it to be able to lift 90 kg attachments such as lawn mover or snow blower and the stroke of the actuator would be limited so that makes the needed force an issue. Now I have decided to solve that by replacing the actuator with a electric winch. It can handle 900 kg so it will get the attachment up :slight_smile:
The base machine itself will weight around 100 - 120 kg.

I have also a web page for the project: http://www.cadvision.fi/sivut/?page_id=915

I am using Solidworks 2012. If there is anyone interested to join the project, please let me know. I don´t have the knowledge enough for the UGV things. At first I will use APM to be able to use GPS mode, but I have no idea how to make the collision avoid system etc. advanced features. (Basically I am just hoping that there will be soon a ready module to be used with APM or something like that, that can be used with Sabertooth & 24 V)

For the FPV I have Foxtech AIO goggles with head position tracking so the FPV camera follows head movement.

RC and FPV stuff will be on the cover plate and I haven´t modeled those yet. After I get the winch system ready I will concentrate on the RC electronics.

The 3D model below is before I decided to go with the winch system.
I will post more later but mean while I´ll just update the project page http://www.cadvision.fi/sivut/?page_id=915