Hello I am cutting some wood out and noticed that the laser was cutting


I am cutting some wood out and noticed that the laser was cutting the lines twice. I am using inkscape to draw and noticed when I really move in for a close look that there are actually 2 lines there. I made the lines .5mm thick? I know I am doing something simple wrong if someone could help me on this one again!!!

I did an object to path do you see anything wrong with my settings here?


lol I am not the pro here. Thanks I will keep fooling with it seems like things only happen when you really want them to work.

Are you sure it’s a line? Or try outing 0.025 as thickness

Looks as if the path is visible in the middle of the stroke… I can play around with it tonight when I’m in front of my computer but that will be about 7 hours from now

Ariel I am not sure, when I really zoom in it looks like 2 lines to me and the laser is definitely cutting twice

@Don_Glascock ​ if you post the file I can also take a look

When I do object to path using text, it traces the outline. I’m guessing you’re getting the same thing here where it’s tracing the outline of any lines to get the thickness.

Outline was my thought too, when it then gets flattened I’m guessing its turning the stroke outline into actual valid shapes in their own right. Although I have a passing knowledge of inkscape itself, that’s what it looks like to me.

Simple test, do whatever you do to create that line, select it and set the fill colour to green and the outline to red and zoom right in, if you see any red, that’s your issue, set any affected objects to transparent outline colour and see if that fixes it?

+Peter van der Walt hmn, before I shush out of not knowing what I’m talking about, is it possible that whatever is done to ‘flatten’ (if that actually happens, or is even required) the objects to be ready to send to the system, that’s causing the outlines to convert to full objects?

I’m only talking from a knowledge of vector design here…

Agreed with +Peter van der Walt​ DXF is alot easier to use and design in scale with for the simple fact that svgs can have different output resolution depending on the program… when I scale an image to a specific dpi to engrave along with cutting Dxf is painless to get them to align

Was the line width larger than the laser beam? If so, it would be good to have at least both sides of the width cut. If it is supposed to do that or not is another story.

I had my laser dot size at .15 and the lines size is .1px and I think that is .028mm.