Hello, I am asking you guys where do you buy your leds I am

(Yves BAZIN) #1

I am asking you guys where do you buy your leds
I am looking for 60l/meters
or maybe good cheap 16x16 led panels
I have seen on amazon 22x22 with the size of 16x16 I guess using SMD2020 instead of SMD5050 but really expensive around 66€ piece

(Nidal HADDAD) #2

Have you found searched on Aliexpress ?

(Tom Schubert) #3

The Legend - Ray WU: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/701799

(Leon Yuhanov) #4

Aliexpress! Ray Wu

(Marc MERLIN) #5

https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/30-40-pixels-RGB-full-color-WS2812B-Flexible-LED-Pixel-Panel-Light-DC5V/701799_32601735218.html is a good resolution, even if totally not a multiple of 8 or 16 (what’s wrong with 32x32???) , and the pitch is not great for small builds (1.6cm), but ok for neopixel TVs :slight_smile:

(Yves BAZIN) #6

@Nidal_HADDAD yes but with so many vendors I wanted to know if you have any favorite

(Nidal HADDAD) #7

a maker recommended this seller for me, and i bought a 5M 60/m sk6812 but need to test them first.

(Marc MERLIN) #8

@Nidal_HADDAD this is how I used for the panels I use on my shirt. They are 1cm pitch which is not bad, but

  1. they don’t have anything more dense last I checked
  2. they do not make panels with more than 256 leds last I checked too. 32x32 would have been great.
(Nidal HADDAD) #9

Did you got the rgbw ? And wich library you used ? Thank you

(Marc MERLIN) #10

@Nidal_HADDAD who was your question for, me? I’m using RGB, I don’t need white and if I need white, I make it up by mixing. I’m using FastLED